Services and events

Inside Langford Chapel

 We meet for worship on Sundays, just like the early Christians did. Sometimes we call Sunday the "Lord's Day", because Jesus is Lord and He rose from the dead on that day. We also hold a Bible Study and Prayer Meeting on Tuesdays and occasional special meetings. You can see what services and events are coming next below. Why not come along - or find out more by using the Contact us link on the Home page.



11 a.m. Morning Service

6.30 p.m. Evening Service


7.45 p.m. Bible Study and Prayer


10 a.m. Home Prayer group (house based, ask us for directions) and virtual prayer meeting (pray where you are if you can't get to us!).

4th Saturday of each month: Aroma coffee morning from 10.30 onwards

Coming next

Tuesday 16th October 7.45 p.m. Bible study and prayer: The prayers of Jesus continued - led by Pastor George.

Sunday 21st October 11 a.m. and 6.30 p.m. Pastor George - Isaiah 11 and 12.

You will be welcome.

All the arrangements are if the Lord wills 

(James 4 verse 15) 


Can anyone come? Yes.

Do I need to dress up? No.

Is it free? Yes. We do have collections but contributions are voluntary.

Will I have to join anything? No. Some of the people who come are members (we couldn't legally run the place without members and trustees) but you don't have to join.