Privacy Policy - Data protection


Data Privacy Notice

·   The name of our organisation: Langford Evangelical Church (also known as Langford Chapel). Registered Charity No. 1172622.

·   Third parties: No data will be shared with any third party without your consent. We do not share email lists.

·    Why we need information: We need only your name and email details to respond to an enquiry. If you have also given us address and/or phone details these and/or your email will also enable us to notify you about meetings or events or for Child Safeguarding purposes. Occasionally our own Church officers (e.g. the Treasurer) may use the information for such purposes as the acknowledgment of donations or in connection with Gift Aid. Additionally, if you are a business and may be offering products or services to the Church, the details may be used for contractual or pre-contractual purposes. Note for Church Members: A Church Membership Roll is held separately. We are required by law to keep Members’ records.

·   What we will do with your data: All details will be kept securely in digital form on a virus-protected computer and/or written in a physical address book under the control of the Pastor and/or Secretary.

You can withdraw consent or ask us to amend your details at any time by using this contact form again. Your details will be securely erased