Some of our friends

Local Churches

Our friends in local churches - 

some have live links:

Backwell Baptist Church

Bethesda Evangelical Church,

Chaucer Road, Weston-Super-Mare

Clevedon Family Church

Copse Road Chapel at Clevedon

Horsecastle Evangelical Church at Yatton

Waterloo Gospel Hall, Weston-Super-Mare

Christian organisations

some have live links

4H  (Helping Hungarian churches)

Caring For Life  (Caring for the vulnerable)

Chosen People  (Bringing Messiah to Jews)

Dorothea Mission  (Southern Africa)

European Mission Fellowship

Messianic Testimony (Sharing Yeshua)

Open-Air Mission (Communicating good news)


Society for Distributing the Hebrew Scriptures

Somerset Gospel Outreach (Home visitation)

Spanish Gospel Mission

Truth for Today (Sam Gordon's Bible Teaching)

. . . and many others.