Bible teaching - audio recordings

A selection of some of the Bible teaching from various books of the Bible that we have heard at Langford Chapel and recordings of special services. Learn more about God and His word here.

We have an archive of similar recordings. 

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The harvest is past -Jeremiah 8

Jonathan Hunt - Evening Harvest service 14th October 2018

The joy of harvest

Pastor George - Morning Harvest message 14th October 2018

Listening Thinking Serving Seeing - Matthew 20

David Herring - Morning message 7th October 2018

Jesus' first sign - John 2

Stephen Neal - Morning  message 30th September 2018

John the Baptist

Cyril Aston - Evening message 23rd September 2018

Who rules the world?

Pastor George - part of Isaiah 10. 23rd September 2018

Does God even exist?

David Herring - soundtrack from powerpoint presentation

Faith for the moment

Pastor George - Hebrews 11 and Abraham

Israel in Jubilee year

David Herring - at the beginning of Jewish year 5777

What is wrong with the occult?

From our YouTube channel. 

Celebrating 90th Birthday of HM The Queen

Complete service on YouTube

170th Anniversary Service 2016

Complete service on YouTube